How to Make Your Bed Warmer: 8 Effective Methods

When it’s cold outside, one of the best feelings in the winter is to stay warm in bed. Nobody likes getting into a cold bed at night, but you also don’t want to be too hot when you wake up.

Of course, the type of mattress, duvet, and pillow you use affect whether or not you have a restful night’s sleep. Making sure your bed is at a comfortable temperature is a factor that is frequently ignored.

Here, we discuss the best duvet types and togs for staying warm in bed, as well as how to warm a bed.

Start With a Solid Foundation

And by that, we mean your mattress. If you’re still using something with old, squeaky springs, it’s time for an upgrade because comfort is a crucial aspect of feeling cozy. We prefer memory foam mattresses because they automatically conform to your shape for the best pressure-point-relieving support. And they don’t make a noise or bother your partner every time you roll over, unlike your spring-loaded configuration. (Advice: A mattress pad or mattress topper can revitalize your old bed if you’re not quite ready to spring for a brand-new mattress.)

Wear Longer Length Pyjamas and Comfy Socks

Your choice of sleepwear will probably change throughout the year. Longer PJs will help you feel warmer and trap air during the colder months. Pajamas are made of a variety of materials, including cotton, flannel, jersey, and wool, to name a few. Choose the softest and most comfortable pajamas you can find for a cozy night’s sleep. Nothing beats a fresh set of pajamas in the winter, especially ones with a festive pattern!

Wearing a pair of thick, fluffy socks is another way to stay warm and comfortable before going to bed. It’s unpleasant to feel chilly in bed, especially when your feet are chilly. You will have time to warm up, unwind, and feel cozy if you put on your pajamas and put on your socks 30 to 60 minutes before you intend to go to bed.

Best practice: Before changing into your pajamas in the evening if you have the heating on, place your socks and pajamas on the radiator to warm them up.

Plenty of Pillows

A warm, comfortable bed is largely dependent on softness. Four pillows on a bed is a good number. This will give you and your partner the option to read, drink coffee, and, of course, cuddle. Spending more time in your winterized bed is a perk of having one. Different variations of sheet sets are available. While some king and queen sets always include four pillowcases, others only include two. To be able to fall into a warm, deep bed that has been winterized, it is well worth the money to purchase a few more. Give yourself the luxury of enough pillows every day (and night).

Try Heated Bedding

There are times when the world is insufficiently covered in sheets, blankets, and comforters to warm a chilly person. We are incredibly grateful for the heated bedding that facilitates this process. Although most people can warm themselves up with their own body heat, we advise those who can’t consider heated bedding. To get immediate heat, simply plug in the blanket. Try turning on the blanket before getting into bed if you’re about to do so. The bed will then be warmed.

How to Make Your Bed Warmer: 8 Effective Methods

Use a Hot Water Bottle

The most luxurious form of warmth is provided by hot water bottles. Place a hot water bottle beneath your duvet before you intend to get into bed to warm it up so that it is warm when you do.

You can purchase traditional hot water bottles with plush covers to make you feel more cozy and relaxed. In order to keep your entire body warm for a longer period of time, you can even purchase long, thin hot water bottles to curl up against in bed.

Layer Blankets

Layering blankets are an economical way to stay warm in bed! There are many different textures, sizes, colors, and patterns for blankets. You’ll trap rising air by layering them, making you feel warmer. Why should it be any different in bed if blankets frequently make you feel cozy while watching TV on the couch? The more blankets, the better! It is simple to take them off if you begin to feel too warm in bed.

Electric blankets are an alternative if you’re looking for a quicker fix. Just be careful to heed the product’s directions regarding how long to leave the electric blanket on; doing so will keep you safe and reduce the risk of a fire.


Be sure to cuddle up to your partner before anything else. Or, if you have a pet friendly, they also make excellent cuddle partners. You can insulate your total body heat by cuddling up. Less heat will escape from your body when you cuddle, keeping you warm all night.

Enjoy the Luxury of An Adjustable Bed

Did you know that the position of your body at night might affect your ability to stay warm?

Adjustable beds are frequently used to meet a user’s specific needs. An adjustable bed has a number of advantages, including easing back pain, helping to reduce swelling, temporarily relieving joint and ligament pain, and many more.

You can choose the sleeping position that suits you the best using the electronically controlled bed. Putting yourself in a supportive, comfortable position enhances blood circulation, which also aids in controlling body temperature. Your body will maintain a constant neutral temperature throughout the night as a result; neither under nor overheating will occur!

The Bottom Line

You now know 8 ways to make your bed cozy and warm this winter.

You can maintain your comfort while lowering your energy costs by using the advice in this article. So why not give them a shot?