Bed Threads

The coming of summer means long, sweaty nights. and not in a sexy way either! Nothing is worse than a summer’s worth of heat keeping you up all night! I bought my partner a 100% French Flax Linen Sheet Set from Bed Threads as a surprise. Yes, French Flax is correct. Fancy huh!

What Is Bed Threads?

Bed Threads offers luxury bedding for an affordable price. Your bedroom can be naturally enhanced with its 100% flax linen sheets, duvets, and pillowcases for added comfort, quality, and style.

Featured in Vogue Living, Broadsheet, Marie Claire, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Real Living, and many other well-known publications, the brand has created quite the uproar about its “heirloom-quality” sheets. You’ll find a bohemian aesthetic on the Bed Threads Instagram page, with a whopping 292k followers.

Can this business make your bedding outstanding instead of just average? This Bed Threads review seeks to answer that question. In order to assist you in deciding whether the brand’s products are worthwhile purchases, we’ll discuss the brand, its mission, its products, customer reviews, and more.


  • Wide range of products, including, sheets, pajamas, duvet covers, and more
  • Products made of 100% French Flax Linen and 100% Mongolian Cashmere
  • Bedding is designed to last longer than cotton and silk, use pesticide-free flax
  • OEKO-Tex Certified
  • Carbon neutral and factories adhere to ethical standards for workers
  • Gives back with i=Change
  • Uses the entire plant during harvest, leaving no waste
  • Multiple promotions available
  • Free shipping in the US, Canada, & Australia
  • Ships worldwide


  • Linen sheets are not soft when they arrive, you must wash them several times
  • Some customers report that the sheets don’t seem to be getting softer
  • Shoppers must pay for returns


This Bed Threads review will highlight the best-selling duvet cover from the company in its most well-liked shades. Below you’ll find highly pigmented Rust, Sage, and Terracotta hues that come with a handy storage sack.

Six sizes, from Twin to King, are offered in each color. Depending on the size you order, your total will be $140-$230.


Sustainable and pesticide-free flax is used to make the linen. Certified farmers and suppliers grow it in France. Contrary to cotton, flax used to make linen requires less water, energy, pest control, and no irrigation.

Because of this, producing flax linen bedding is more environmentally friendly than producing cotton bedding.

Additionally, Bed Threads are regarded as being entirely carbon-neutral. Their dedication to sustainability motivates them to minimize the release of greenhouse gases throughout the entire process.

To ensure that they continue to be a carbon-neutral business, Bed Threads uses carbon offsets. As far as taking action to preserve the environment, they are cautious.

By not using any plastic in their manufacturing or packaging, they try to contribute to environmental protection. Instead, they use reusable drawstring fabric bags for their delivery packaging.


It takes a lot of time and labor to produce linen. It takes time to produce bedding made of flax linen of high quality. The question of why flax linen can’t be made in Australia to reduce emissions further is a question worth raising…

Because the flax plant can only grow in specific conditions, the flax used to make Bed Threads is grown in France.

The best flax plants grow and produce their best product in Western Europe due to the climate there. Due to its organic properties, flax linen is a material that is both environmentally friendly and beneficial.


Temperature Regulation

Bed linens are made to assist you in controlling your body temperature. When it gets colder outside, the bedding’s insulation and warmth are maintained thanks to the linen that is used.

While providing breathability to help you stay cool during the warmer months. A healthy body temperature is necessary for restful sleep.


It’s understandable why flax linen is renowned for its durability given its capacity to remain soft after each wash. With a much softer texture than cotton and wool, this material is thought to be twice as durable. These characteristics enable it to maintain its form and quality for many years to come.


Bed Threads improve with age like a fine bottle of wine. Although linen is a soft material, with each wash, the fabric gets softer and softer.

It achieves this by becoming softer and more comfortable as a result of becoming more absorbent. In contrast to cotton bedding, it softens with each wash without losing its texture or looking worn.


Despite being a delicate fabric, linen is incredibly simple to maintain. Cleaning your Bed Threads bedding is as simple as washing it in a liquid detergent on the cold easy cycle, which helps to preserve the fibers.

You can simply let the bedding air dry after washing. Flax linen, in contrast to cotton, has a natural ability to wick away moisture, making it a fantastic material for quick drying. This is perfect for those days when you don’t have much time to wait for your bedding to dry.


Due to the extensive manufacturing process and lengthy flax cultivation process, linen is renowned for its high price. Bed Threads, however, sells luxurious bedding at a reasonable price.

They are able to save money and effectively reduce costs to make their products more affordable without sacrificing the quality by eliminating the middleman from the delivery process.

Although the cost of Bed Thread bedding may be thought to be on the high side, it is justified by its long lifespan, high-quality fabric, and sophisticated weaving process.


In terms of fabric, linen has a built-in crinkle. The lack of elasticity and resilience of flax fibers makes it more challenging for them to regain their original shape after being compressed during washing.

This can be interpreted as having a rustic, organic, and natural aesthetic. However, it might be seen as unkempt or messy. If you don’t mind your bedding having a little personality and quirkiness, this bedding is perfect for you.

You can always iron the linen bedding on low heat, though, if the crinkles in the bedding do bother you but you still like the way it looks.

User Friendly

In addition to being comfortable and temperature-regulating, Bed Thread bedding has other advantages. Flax linen is the perfect material for bedding because it has antibacterial properties that keep your space fresh and clean and help to improve skin moisture.

Due to its hypoallergenic properties, flax linen is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Anyone who has allergies or asthma can wear it because the material is also dirt-resistant.

The flax bedding from Bed Threads has a rustic, farmhouse aesthetic. The bedding’s sizing can occasionally be on the small side, but this should loosen up after the first wash.

Overview Of Bed Threads

The materials used to make bedding include silk, cotton, and polyester. That does not, however, imply that it must be. Bed Threads burst onto the scene in 2017 to give customers an alternative: 100% flax linen.

Genevieve and Alan Rosen, the brand’s creators, picked this fabric for a number of reasons. After searching for the perfect linen bedding and coming up short on options that were 100% linen, affordable, and included all of the bed pieces they needed, the husband and wife team decided to create their own.

Flax linen is affordable, comfortable, and can be used in hot and cold climates. At first, the brand only sold a fitted sheet, a duvet, and two pillowcases. Within the first week of running the site, Bed Threads sold out completely. It appears that many people were looking for the ideal bedding.

More recently, the brand has become OEKO-Tex certified, meaning their factories adhere to strict ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices, and are a carbon neutral brand, meaning they offset carbon emissions of production and shipping.

Aiming to do more for the world, the company donates $1 from every sale to i=Change a platform that allows users to specify the recipient of their donations. The company is based in Australia but ships worldwide.

Bed Threads

Are Bed Threads Ethical?

Bed Threads is very transparent about its sourcing and manufacturing. The flax it uses for the 100% French Flax Linen is pesticide-free and they utilize the entire plant, meaning there’s no waste leftover.

The processed flax is then shipped to China, where Bed Threads’ production facility is located. These facilities are OEKO-Tex certified, so customers can sleep comfortably knowing that the brand’s workers are paid above minimum wage and the conditions within them are clean, bright, and airy.

Are Bed Threads Soft?

Your Bed Threads sheet sets won’t exactly be soft when they are delivered. Initially somewhat scratchy, they begin to reveal their softer side after a few washes. Additionally, your sheets get softer and more luxurious the more you wash them.

How Do You Wash Bed Threads?

For its products, Bed Threads uses two different fabrics, each with a unique set of maintenance requirements. We’ll outline both for you below:

  • 100% French Flax Linen: Use a gentle cycle for cold water washing. Just use liquid detergent. The company advises against tumble drying Bed Threads and flax linen sheets, but if you must, be sure to use a low setting. Avoid dry cleaning, bleaching, and ironing.
  • 100% Mongolian Cashmere: The inside out of things Make use of wool and cashmere detergent. Wash by hand or use your washing machine’s gentle wool setting. If you’re using a machine, place the items in a special bag. Lay flat to dry.

Where To Buy Bed Threads

Only is the official retailer of the brand.

Customers Review


1. I can’t express enough gratitude to Liz, who works in customer service. When I had concerns about an order or needed to correct a mistake I had made, she was very accommodating and helpful. The returns process was easy to follow, and delivery was prompt. Liz, you’re the best; I appreciate you reducing the tension.

2. I am very impressed with bed threads’ ability to communicate. I had a small problem with a pillowcase, but thanks to excellent email responses, everything is great once more. I absolutely adore the lovely pillowcases and duvet covers from bed threads, and if I ever need more bedding, I will most definitely order from them again.

3. I’m gradually switching everyone in the house to Bed Threads linen sheets. On my third purchase, a duvet cover had a hole in the seam, and I was so disappointed. I was anticipating going back and getting it replaced when I told Bed Threads about the problem. Instead, they instantly and without any questions sent me a brand-new one. I’ve never received better customer service.

4. I’ve loved my bed threads bedding for just under three years. They have actually only become softer over time. I was very disappointed to see that my top sheet’s fabric had significantly thinned and started to develop holes. Three years may seem like a long time, but considering the cost, I had hoped for a little more durability. I didn’t think there would be much of a response when I emailed customer service, but Ally on the team was fantastic. She was incredibly gracious and quick to respond, going above and beyond to send me a replacement at no cost. I would recommend this company for their customer service alone, but their products are pretty good too


1. I cannot understand how this company has so many good reviews I ordered a super king duvet cover and it was approx 5inches too big all around my quilt was swimming around inside I emailed them and they emailed me back asking if I wanted to exchange it so I emailed back to say I wanted a refund and heard absolutely nothing in total I’ve now Sent 3 more emails with no response terrible service

2. I want to like this company, but I’m having trouble coming up with a good reason. Great sheet sets are offered by a plethora of other businesses. As a result of their customer service, this one completely lost its mark. For the life of me, I can’t seem to contact anyone. And when they do finally reply, no one answers when I reply right away. I’m beyond irritated by this. Unfortunately, it appears that there is only one person handling all customer service. Most likely, there is room for this business to expand. Start by hiring customer service representatives who will actually respond to your customers at a respectable reply turnaround.


Everything about the Bed Threads experience was wonderful, from the simple website to the quick shipping to the luxurious look and feel of the bedding that somehow matched what was on the website. The bedding has a luxurious feel and is completely Instagram-worthy. The fact that Bed Threads does not forgo its ethical or environmental principles in the name of beautiful bed linens, however, is what I really admired. Their flax, which requires less water and pesticides than other crops, is grown in France by licensed farmers and suppliers and turned into bedlinen in China while being processed ethically. Also completely carbon neutral, Bed Threads is a business. I believe this to be a worthwhile investment at $430 for a full bundle of high-quality bed linen that is made to last for years.