Small Bedroom

A crowded, disorganized bedroom can make it challenging to get a good night’s sleep. When you’re not stressed about folding the mountains of laundry that are stacked by your closet, you’ll sleep much better, and it’s simpler to get out of bed when you’re not tripping over the clutter in your bedroom. The limited space can make it challenging to maintain cleanliness when it comes to small bedroom organization. But all that really means is that you’ll have to be a little more inventive with your organizational techniques.

Here’s how to arrange a small bedroom so you can create the tranquil environment you need to recharge.

1. Choose The Right Bed

Utilizing the space under the bed is always a good idea, but in small rooms, pulling out boxes from underneath can be difficult or even impossible. Instead, Martin Gill, managing director of And So To Bed(opens in new tab), suggests taking into account an ottoman-style bed’s space-saving design as a bed for a small room.

‘The bed lifts to reveal a space as big as the bed, perfect for shoes, your summer or winter wardrobe (depending on the current season), accessories such as bags, and so on,” he says. This eliminates the need to make sure there is enough space on either side of the bed for drawers or boxes to be pulled out.

The space inside an ottoman bed is easy to access, but you won’t want to use it every day, so be selective about what you store there and only keep things there that you don’t use frequently.

2. Position The Bed Practically

The location of the bed is crucial when organizing a small bedroom because it is the largest piece of bedroom furniture. Despite the fact that putting it in the exact center of the space may seem natural, considering other placement options can result in a layout that is more effective.

‘As stated by home organizer Emma George of Declutter with Emma(opens in new tab), “pushing it against a wall or into a corner creates more floor space and can help to section out the room into clear-cut zones.”

3. Keep Surfaces Clear Of Clutter

Consider whether the surfaces you have set up are practical for your lifestyle before organizing them. Store it somewhere else if it isn’t. Your ability to locate and access the necessities you do have should improve as a result. They’ll look much more organized if you arrange them neatly into boxes or on trays. To create the best storage solution for your space, choose boxes that can be stacked or clipped together.

Remove everything from your nightstand when decluttering it, and then only reassemble the things you use first thing in the morning or last things at night, such as a clock, a book, glasses, and hand cream. To contain smaller items—and it’s also a useful way to organize jewelry—use trays or containers either on top of or inside neatly divided drawers.

4. Be Flexible With Zoning

‘You’ll have a clear idea of what belongs where and the room will have structure if you designate specific zones for sleeping, dressing, organizing makeup, and other activities advises home organizer Emma. And don’t forget to include a spot in the kids’ bedrooms for toy organization.

Although this method of organizing a small bedroom is incredibly effective, keep in mind that when there isn’t much room, zones will inevitably overlap. Gather similar items into baskets or containers to prevent confusion. This will allow you to store them anywhere in the space and move them as you need.

5. Utilize Vertical Space

Utilize the wall space you have available whenever you can to maximize organization in a small bedroom and free up some floor space. Open shelving can highlight essentials that are worthy of the display while floating cupboards are perfect for hiding unsightly items.

‘According to Martin Gill, high shelves that are painted the same color as the walls and used to hold books or fashionable boxes containing jewelry and cosmetics can give the impression that the room is taller.

When organizing a small closet, decorative hanging designs will be helpful. Choose cubby-style designs for organizing shoes, handbags, and other accessories. Decorative hooks mounted on the wall or the inside of the door are practical for organizing jewelry.

6. Rethink Freestanding Furniture

Examine the bedroom furniture you currently have to see if it serves your needs. Even though a large chest of drawers may seem useful for concealing clutter, it can lead you to hang onto things you don’t actually need.

Consider incorporating furniture with multiple uses, such as a storage bench at the foot of your bed that also serves as a seat. Another example is a small bookcase that serves as a nightstand. You could also take out the nightstands and install floating shelves and wall-mounted nightlights in their place.

7. Organize Clothes In An Orderly Fashion

Effectively arranging clothes in a small bedroom, whether you use a closet, drawers, or an open clothes rack, will lessen the possibility that they will spill out into the space and make getting ready in the morning much easier.

Use clothing storage ideas like categorizing, organizing by frequency of use, season, or color – whatever makes the most sense to you – to make the most of the space in a small closet. Reserve shelf space for bulky items like jumpers and chunky knitwear, file-fold (where folded items are placed vertically) them into separate boxes, and make the most of the shelving space with stackable containers, baskets, and closet organizers.

8. Keep Shoes In One Place

Just because your other clothing is in your bedroom doesn’t mean you have to keep your shoes there, either. In fact, it’s frequently more practical to store your shoes in a hall closet or another area of storage that is closer to your front door. By doing this, you can free up valuable bedroom storage space. However, if you intend to keep shoes in your room, arrange them neatly and in one location rather than dispersing them all over the floor. Use a door-hanging shoe organizer to keep your shoes organized. Alternately, put your shoes in a plastic bin that you can conveniently tuck under your bed and out of sight.

9. Make The Bed

There is nothing that can make a small bedroom feel cluttered and unloved like an unmade bed. Every morning, spending just five minutes making your bed nicely can make a huge difference, and studies have shown that it also has a positive impact on your mood, making it even better.

It’s wise to reconsider your bed-decorating choices as well. A large number of pillows and blankets can add extra clutter to a small bedroom that you don’t need, especially if you remove them all at night. A stylish pared-back look might be achieved by streamlining your collection. Keep only the decorative accents that you actually use and like; anything else can be given away or donated.

10. Use Baskets As Overflow Storage

Giving each item in your bedroom home is essential for organization, which can be challenging in a small area. For storing shoes, books, clean linens, and dirty laundry, bedroom storage solutions like baskets are brilliant drop zones. In a child’s bedroom, they work well for toys as well.

To save space, place attractive designs just outside your bedroom door or conceal them in the bottom of your closet.

Small Bedroom

11. Maximize Bedroom Closet Space

Or, to maximize vertical storage options and gain more space for clothing storage, organize your bedroom closet effectively and adjust the height of your closet shelving. An over-the-door closet organizer system for scarves, belts, ties, and other accessories is one type of hanging closet organization system. Wall hooks in the closet are another option. Another compact closet storage option that works well for shoes and sweaters is bins and baskets. This bedroom closet organization advice is particularly helpful for closets that house newborn to kindergarten-aged children because hanging small clothes leaves plenty of empty shelf space below for stacking bins. Dress pants and slacks should be hung up on S-hooks or ordinary hangers with the knees folded in.

12. Create An Open Closet

An open wardrobe with shelves and drawers, one of the hottest closet organization ideas available, makes it simple to choose items while enhancing your overall stylish bedroom design. With a portable clothing rack, you can keep your favorite outfits on display, making it simpler to donate old items and curate your wardrobe all year long. With a rolling clothing rack, wall coat rack, or hooks for coats, purses, and car keys behind the door, you can streamline your morning routine. To store shoes, book bags, and other items, open shelving is located close to the bedroom door.

13. Stack Shelves To Fit Your Space

Running out of small bedroom book shelving ideas? To make the most of empty spaces in any size room, purchase stackable shelves! Place shorter shelves with trinkets on top below a window, or stack taller cube storage shelves in the tight spaces between your other furniture. Or you could even build your own modular bookshelf.

What Setup Do You Use In A Small Bedroom?

It’s a common practice that can keep a bedroom organized and functional, especially in a smaller space, by dividing it into separate areas for sleeping, dressing, putting on makeup and other activities. The dressing table should be placed next to the mirror, the laundry basket inside the closet, the surface area should be next to the bed, and so on. We also advise identifying areas for particular tasks and designing your layout around them, if at all possible.

This method also works well for smaller items, but it’s not always feasible if your storage space is constrained. Grouping like items together in transparent, stackable containers is a good way to keep your bedroom as functional as possible. They can be easily moved around the room and stored anywhere you like, depending on your needs.