One of the most calming and rewarding bedroom designs for a real retreat and haven is a forest-themed bedroom. Using the most recent textiles, treatments, and accessories, it can have an elegant and sophisticated design or a more contemporary or rustic one. Your bedroom design will have the kind of depth typically found in a forest of moss, pine, trees, streams, and blue sky peeping through the forest canopy thanks to the deliberate layering of textures and colors. Any age group or gender can enjoy this theme.

Forest Color Choices

Choose the forest color that you want as the bedroom’s dominant hue. Green is the most obvious option to mimic the deep hues of a forest canopy. Select from light to dark brown tones if you prefer a more subdued color scheme.

While green and brown are the typical colors of a forest, birch or aspen tree forests are a mass of white and dark splotchy bark. Birch leaves can either be bright green or gold depending on the season. Seasonal hues like the vivid autumnal tones or the gloomy white and gray of winter are also available.


Another creative way to breathe new life into your forest-themed room is to decorate your walls with stencils or real leaves. Real leaves can be used by painting one side, then gently pressing it against the wall. To give the effect of realism, vary the colors a little. Then, if you want, you can use some of your stencils to add vines, limbs, or an entire tree.

Plaster can be applied with the aid of stencils to give the designs a more three-dimensional appearance. To give your plaster stencil a little extra flair, you could even tint the plaster. Applying some plaster to the wall and texturizing it will give it a more organic appearance. Alternatively, stucco will give the wall a more rustic, bark-like appearance. The coarser appearance of stucco makes it ideal for mimicking tree bark.

Wall Murals

A photo or painted wall mural is among the most aesthetically pleasing bedroom designs with a forest theme. When arranging other pieces of furniture around this wall, think of it as a big window.

A bed or other large pieces of furniture should not be placed against it to conceal it. If your wall is too big for a full wall mural, frame a section of it to resemble a big window. To complete the illusion, add drapes and a curtain rod.

Use a mural of a forest on every wall if you want to completely immerse yourself there. Because the walls of the forest are the main attraction, this effect works best in a room with a simple interior design. This design is amusing for a kid’s room because it will still be hip when your kid is a teen.


Considering the topic of color, let’s say you wanted to paint your walls with some of these fresh hues. To give them some depth and an organic feel, glazing is a great option. With glazing, you start with a base coat of a single color, say a lovely loden green. A darker shade of green latex paint could be added to a water-based glaze and applied with a sponge or rag after the base coat dries. You can give your walls a nearly three-dimensional effect of foliage in your room by adding a few colors (but not too many as it might get muddy).

Furniture Styles

You could choose a natural wood look with bark for your furniture if you wanted to go incredibly rustic. Nevertheless, any wooden furniture with any stain finish would make lovely accents to your space. Depending on the kind of forest effect you want, choose complementary colors. Consider a four-poster bed for the bedroom. Those wooden columns may serve as a subtle nod to the bedroom’s forest theme while also having the potential to be actual rustic logs, depending on the type and style of wood used.


A room can be made more cozy and unique by using fabrics. To tie the room theme together, think about adding some accent colors to the bedding, curtains, or wall hanging. Make use of the fabric to add accents of color or texture to your room rather than making it the focal point.

Window Treatments

Instead of using a typical valance in your room, why not add some textures by using silk leaves and flowers and attaching them to your valance. To give the valance a rustic feel, you could even wrap some vines around it. To add warmth and intimacy while avoiding detracting from the rest of the room, consider using subtle bamboo or wooden shades as window coverings.


Think about using softer or more subtle lighting to create a realistic atmosphere in your bedroom with a forest theme. When you imagine a heavily forested area, you will likely picture how the sunlight is gently filtered through the leaves, creating a soft glow. Consider using some recessed lighting with dimmer controls to create this effect. Alternatively, you might want to use lamps with adjustable lighting. Using LED candles to create a safe candlelit glow in the room is a favorite style.


Accessories come last but not least. Figurines of forest animals, rustic shelves with flowers or vines hanging from them, or even driftwood hung as rustic art, could all serve as examples of this. Find a few focal points that will help bring your room’s theme together while remaining understated in terms of beauty.

As you can see, there are countless ways to incorporate elements of nature into your home. To create a tranquil haven away from the hectic pace of your daily life, decide on a central theme and implement some of these suggestions. Such a calm room will be appreciated by your mind, body, and soul.

Your bedroom with a forest theme is there!

Folks, there it is—your very own bedroom with a forest theme! You can easily design an interior that exudes forest vibes and makes you wake up to a natural ambiance every day by using the design ideas provided in this blog post.

The best part is how adaptable interior decorating is. It’s all about letting your creative side run wild to create the ideal woodland-themed bedroom, whether you choose to implement the aforementioned suggestions directly or use them as a source of inspiration for your own design ideas. More any suggestions for a forest-themed room? I’d love to hear about them, so please share them with me in the comments section below.