Why Are Mattresses So Expensive & Tips to Save Money On A New Mattress

When buying furniture, we spend a lot of time searching for discounts. Why are mattresses so expensive? This is probably a question you’ve recently asked yourself if you’ve decided to purchase a new bed.

Not just you—mattress prices can be higher than those for other pieces of furniture. But there’s a good reason for it. We sleep for one-third of our lifetime. That’s longer than you spend driving, and cars are much more expensive than mattresses.

There is nothing worse than the restless night that follows having to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, as we have all experienced. To ensure a restful night’s sleep, it is crucial to purchase a high-quality mattress.

In order to help you make the best choice for your budget and sleep quality, let’s discuss some common factors that influence mattress prices.

Reasons Why Are Mattresses So Expensive

In addition to the type and quality of the mattresses, buyers need to consider other specific factors while answering the question, “how much does a good mattress cost.” The following elements are among the most crucial ones.

Impact On Health

An individual’s health and well-being can be improved by sleeping on a comfortable mattress. A good mattress not only enhances sleep quality but also helps users feel more relaxed by reducing support. While sleeping and even while engaging in other activities, a high-quality mattress provides users with greater comfort and support. These might involve playing with kids and animals, spending time with partners, or just relaxing by lying down. An expensive mattress is likely to have greater health benefits.

An Increase In Demand

Despite the fact that there are many different kinds of mattresses on the market at the moment, consumer preferences can change over time and from one region to another. Consequently, a sudden increase in demand for a particular kind of mattress in a particular area may result in a spike in its price. The rise in popularity of a particular type of mattress or even a shortage of supplies from the manufacturers could be two factors contributing to the surge in demand.

Cost Of Materials

The price of the various mattresses also depends on how much the raw materials cost. Naturally, mattresses made with expensive materials cost more money. In order to increase their comfort and durability, mattresses are frequently made from a variety of materials. This helps to raise the mattress’ price even higher. Unfortunately, a mattress’s quality and longevity are not always guaranteed by its higher price.

Delivery And Shipping

Whether they buy a mattress from a retail store or an online retailer, the majority of customers never think about the shipping costs involved. Frequently, the price of the mattress includes the expense of shipping and delivery. The cost of fuel, packaging and shipping requirements, the distance between the manufacturing facility and the store, and other factors all affect the transportation and delivery fees. The price of the mattress typically rises with any change in these variables.

Commission On Sale

Most manufacturers offer a decent commission to retailers on every mattress sale. This commission is factored into the mattress’ overall manufacturing cost, directly affecting the price. The base price of the mattress may have an impact on the commission percentage. Due to the higher percentage of commission promised, a mattress with a higher base price may end up costing more.

Use Of Technology

Modern mattresses are made with a variety of technological advancements for increased comfort. Sleep sensors, heating technology, and pressure-relieving technology are a few of the technologies used. These technologies are incorporated into mattresses to help users have more restful and healthy sleep; the type of technology a mattress uses has a significant impact on the price of the mattress.

Brand Value

Today, before buying a mattress, the majority of consumers think about the manufacturer’s brand. Because of this, mattress manufacturers spend a lot of time and energy creating a distinctive brand identity for their goods. The money needed for these things is factored into the cost of the mattress, which raises the price. This is the reason why mattresses from the most well-known brands are frequently more expensive than those from their less well-known rivals.

Marketing And Advertising

Mattress producers must come up with the most inventive ideas to set their products apart from the numerous options that consumers have to choose from. To help promote the mattresses, the manufacturers develop and put into practice a variety of marketing and advertising strategies. Almost always, the cost of these initiatives is factored into the average mattress price. This contributes significantly to increasing the per-unit cost of the beds.

Profit Margin

The majority of mattress producers consider their profit margins before determining the price of their products. Most buyers need a comfortable mattress, so manufacturers typically have pretty high-profit margins. It is understandable that mattress manufacturers include their profits in the cost of their products given that the majority of consumers are willing to pay a high price for the best mattress.

Store Overheads

Most customers are unaware that the cost of the mattress they buy from a physical store includes the expenses for maintaining the same. A bedding store’s overhead and maintenance expenses rise with its level of opulence. Since the store is open to make a profit, it is unlikely that its profit margins will be sufficient to cover these expenses. Therefore, the price of the mattress is simply increased by these expenses, making it marginally more expensive.

Why Are Mattresses So Expensive & Tips to Save Money On A New Mattress

Tips To Save Money On A New Mattress

Given the high price of mattresses, consumers frequently look for the best ways to reduce costs while purchasing new mattresses without sacrificing quality. The following are some excellent pointers to help guarantee the same.

Mattress Sale

The majority of retailers have mattress sales at certain times of the year. Customers should take advantage of these sales to get significant discounts off the typical mattress price, even if it means delaying their purchase by a few weeks. In addition, many shops give extra discounts to customers who are willing to haggle a little.

0% APR Finance Deals

It is quite common for buyers to seek financial aid to buy the mattress of their choice. Such buyers should select 0% APR financing options to enable them to avoid paying significant amounts in interest fees. Such discounts are provided by a lot of well-known retailers in an effort to draw customers and boost sales.

Online Shopping

The majority of online retailers deal directly with manufacturers and have low overhead costs, cutting out middlemen. Due to their ability to split the profits with the customers, there are significant price differences. Additionally, online retailers accept discount coupons from outside sources, further lowering prices.

Do Proper Research

Buyers can also save money by conducting thorough research on mattress prices. When introducing new mattress models and varieties, businesses and retailers frequently offer special promotional discounts. The buyers are informed about the same and are able to save money as a result of thorough research.

4 Steps To Find Your Perfect Mattress

It makes sense to be concerned about making the best decision because a mattress is an investment. To select the ideal mattress and maximize your investment, adhere to the steps below.

Step 1: Create A Budget

Before you begin looking, decide how much you can afford to spend on a mattress. This will help you reduce your spending and help you clarify your goals. Ask yourself:

Are you going to finance your mattress?

How much money are you willing to spend each month?

Do you require a brand-new bed?

Step 2: Choose Your Mattress Type

Decide what kind of mattress you want after establishing your budget. If you’re unsure, locate a mattress showroom where you can examine various mattresses up close and even lie on them to get a feel for how they feel.

Step 3: Try It Out

Casper offers a 100-day trial to determine whether your mattress is a good fit and whether you have the chance to test it in-store or not. Getting used to a new mattress typically takes about 30 days.

Step 4: Make It Last

You’ll want to take good care of your new mattress to ensure its longevity once you’ve found it. Make sure your bed frame is the right one, use a mattress protector, and rotate your mattress about every six months if you want to get the most use out of your new mattress. The quality of your mattress is greatly preserved by these simple habits.


The first step in the purchasing process is determining the mattress’ price. Understanding all of your options requires that you become knowledgeable about the various factors that affect the price as well as the best ways to save money when making purchases. Additionally, they aid purchasers in understanding mattress pricing and selecting the appropriate product.


Are Expensive Mattresses Worth It?

The most expensive mattresses don’t necessarily have to be the best mattresses, even though they are frequently made from high-quality materials. This is so that the mattress that works best for you can be different from what works best for someone else. To choose the best option within your budget, it would be best to take into account your personal preferences, position, partner needs, and more.

How Long Do Mattresses Usually Last?

Most mattresses last between seven and ten years. However, if properly cared for, high-quality mattresses can last up to 15 years, like the memory foam mattress.

Why Is It Important To Get A Good Mattress?

Your life can become more balanced, comfortable, and supportive by making a good mattress investment. This will help you maintain proper posture and spinal alignment as well as significantly enhance your quality of sleep.